Planning for Life Events

Objective guidance in times of change
Life is in constant flux, highlighted by significant personal and societal changes. These changes may come with heightened emotions or uncertainty. Your ability to adapt to change, however, is said to be the best gauge of your intelligence.

Trust • Guidance • Commitment

Finances should not be overwhelming or confusing

We’ll help you navigate the entire process, start to finish. Together, we've got this.


Finances should not be overwhelming or confusing

We’ll help you navigate the entire process, start to finish. Together, we got this.
Having a trusted team of professionals to guide you through these transitions can help to ease the burden of change. Lean on Summit Wealth as your objective financial partner while you embrace every milestone. We proudly provide personalized planning services tailored to the nuanced complexities of your distinct chapter in life.

Guidance at Each Life Milestone

Many individuals have a litany of questions or concerns when reaching major milestones.  Financial prioritization and planning become a necessity. Our life planning specialists are here to guide you through these occasions so that you can feel secure in your future. 

Whether you are approaching retirement, mourning the loss of a loved one, welcoming a new family member, or beginning your next career, we are here to help. We understand that life changes can pose a challenge. Our goal is to map out a clear path ahead so that you can focus on what’s most important to you.  Lean on us as life changes to lead you towards financial freedom.


Credibility Through Experience

Our insight is based on our past experiences. Not only have we been there for our clients while they face significant milestones, our Summit Wealth team members have also gone through their own unique life challenges. The objective advice we provide to our clients often stems from our own personal experiences, allowing us to empathize with our clients during these times. 

We understand that each situation is different. Our advisors are trained to provide perspective and guidance during transitional events so as to guide you towards the path of clarity and confidence.


Common Financial and Life Planning Concerns

One of the greatest pitfalls when facing a new challenge is making a crucial decision based on emotion. This mishap could lead to financial consequences in the years ahead. Having the steady hand of a qualified specialist as your coach during these times could make all the difference.

Below are common questions that individuals have as they go through a transition.

All of these questions are valid. Navigating life changes on your own can be overwhelming. Let our professionals guide you through these dynamic times with skill and grace.

Can I retire comfortably?

How do I safeguard my assets from divorce?

Do I need insurance to protect my family?

Am I financially prepared for a health event?

How should I invest my inherited assets?

What happens if I can no longer take care of myself?

Will I be able to afford my child’s college expenses?

How should I finance a large purchase?

Should I relocate or maintain my current residence?

Are my income taxes or estate plans affected by this change?


The Life Planning Partner You Can Trust

The merit of our financial and life planning services has been proven by our track record of success.  We have helped many of our clients transition through the many phases of life while continuing to build their wealth.  Through our objective advice, we can help to provide insight and perspective that may not have previously been considered.

The in-depth understanding that we gain from meeting one-on-one with our clients empowers us to create custom-tailored life planning solutions. We invest the time and energy necessary to develop personalized roadmaps for each client, allowing them to proceed forward with confidence.

We know that transitions can be overwhelming. We encourage you to seek out a support system who can provide insight, mentorship, rational alternatives, and an empathetic point-of-view. Whether you are in the midst of a transition or approaching a milestone, let Summit Wealth be your trusted partner.

Confidence comes from attention to detail.

Weʼve been at this a long time and weʼve got your best interest at heart. Your success is our success. We strive to deliver an unparalleled experience so that you can live confidently.

Who We Serve

Our clients tend to be busy individuals who look to maximize the value of their time. They appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having the support of a trusted advisor, allowing them to keep their focus on the most important passions in their lives, such as business, family, philanthropy or leisure.

Our mission at Summit Wealth is to guide our clients to achieve their lifetime ambitions through a trusted, professional advisory relationship. Seeing our clients live their best lives is incredibly fulfilling—it’s why we do what we do.

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Your confidence to retire is crucial and you deserve clarity. We’ll help you protect what you’ve saved over the years and help determine your best options for lifetime income.
Serving Professionals
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Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate executive, no two businesses are the same. The intricacies that come along with being a professional in today’s world can be complex.

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Some of the most important decisions around money happen when there is an inheritance, a change in marital status, the loss of a spouse, or a health issue.

Serving Independent Women
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Serving Multigenerational Families
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In addition to strategizing on the flow of your personal wealth during your lifetime, we expand our assistance to help your children, grandchildren and the generations that follow.

The Next Generation
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We are proud to say we help our clients’ children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! If someone is important to you, they are important to us.

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