Carving Out Time to Support Small Business Saturday


American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010 to provide small businesses with a holiday season boost on the heels of Black Friday. The day comes after one of the biggest shopping sales events and serves as a reminder to spend some of your holiday funds with local shops. Those shops may on your support to stay in business. Check out some simple ways to support your local businesses this Small Business Saturday.

Provide Your Support on Social Media

Social media has become one of the fastest growing forms of business advertising for every size company. It may seem easy to spread brand awareness through advertising, many small businesses don't have the advertising funds to compete with larger companies. They may not get the same exposure on social media. Help give your favorite small businesses a boost on social media by liking their page, sharing their posts, and leaving positive reviews on your various social media channels.

Consider Gift Cards

If you patronize small businesses that offer services, try giving them an added boost aside from your regular service. This Small Business Saturday, purchase some gift cards for your friends, families, and co-workers who may be interested in using their services. Many small businesses benefit from repeat customers but still need new customers. Help them with word of mouth advertising. By giving gift cards to those who may not have patronized their establishment before, you may be helping them to establish a long-term, regular customer.

Do your Christmas Shopping

While you may be able to score great holiday deals on Black Friday, shopping at your local small business may provide you with more unique options for your presents. You may also help keep the money in the local community. Don't just focus on the holidays. Use this day to purchase those unique gifts for birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year.

Show your support for your local community this Small Business Saturday by stopping into the local shops and service places in the area to spend some of your holiday cash.

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